Activate Your Account  
Step 1  
Go to with your mobile device.  
Log into your account (The one you registered while purchasing the SIM card  
through our official website).  
STEP 2  
Choose your next options.  
ACTIVATE: New wireless users please continue with “activate”button.  
TRANSFER: Mobile users with previous wireless carriers (At&t, Verizon, T-mobile,  
etc.) would like to transfer your service with CALLMR wireless,  
please choose “transfer”button.  
STEP 3  
Fill in the blanks and click “ACTIVATE”. Then, you are free to use CALLMR wireless.  
For ACTIVATION, fill in the blanks with the following information: name, registered  
email address, zip code, SIM ICCID, activation number.  
For TRANSFER, fill in the blanks with the following information.  
-  ESN/IMEI:  
Previous Verizon users fill in your ESN numbers.  
For users with other wireless carriers, please find your IMEI as the instruction  
a. IPhone users follow “Settings --- General --- About --- IMEI” to find the IMEI.  
b. Android users follow the path ”Settings --- Status”.  
-  MDN/MSISDN: your previous cellphone number.  
-  OSP Name: Old Service Provider Name.  
-  OSP Acc. Number: Old Service Provider Account Number.  
-  Password/Pin: Old Service Provider Password.